Bonjour fellow bloggers.

Today is the day. I have started a blog after pondering for quite some time whether I should start something like this or not. But Subhanallah, here I am. It has been a goal of mine to create a blog ever since high school. But it goes way back to the days in middle school as well. I loved writing, whether I was good at it or not it didn’t matter. All that mattered is that I liked it and it made me happy.

I have longed for this day. Why?

Simply because I like expressing my feelings through writing. By no means am I a marvelous writer but it is simply a creative outlet for my thoughts. I get inspired a lot – by little things, by words that I read, by things that I see, by people, by nature, both happy and sad experiences – all of it. Although I love writing, quite often I get “tongue tied” in the sense that I have trouble figuring out how to word and make my thoughts come alive, whether it be on paper, or in this case, a blogging website.

Instead of me introducing myself I will leave it at this. Through each of my blog posts you will be able to uncover and unfold little things about me – my likes, dislikes, the type of person I am, what my background is, age, and everything else that makes me who I am.

This blog is more for me than anything. I am writing and beginning this journey for the sole purpose of pouring out ideas and thoughts and sharing them with the world. Because sometimes, it’s too much to bare. I hope people can relate to this or find some sort of inspiration or message through it all.

Remember, beauty is within. You are not defined by what you look like or what you wear. What’s inside is what truly matters. ♥

Inshallah (God willing)…until next time.

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