Birthday Girl

Sisters are quite annoying, a pain in the butt, and tend to push every button you have.

Contrary to the above sentence, I have been blessed with one sister. She is all the above and more. She is the mini version of me with almost identical features. In fact, sometimes people think we’re twins. But let’s be real people, there are plenty of differences that we have. For example, her eye colour, a honey hazel. Her lips, much smaller than mine. Her forehead, also much smaller. Maybe its the fact that we’re both short. Either way, ever since I was younger I have always wanted a little sister to play with. You see, I was ecstatic to have a little sister and prayed to God everyday in hopes that the belly my mother was growing, encased a mini me. My prayers were answered when on October 31st, my mother gave birth to a baby girl. I was so fond of my sister that the day she was born, I wanted to feed her smarties. I was just trying to get the intelligence going a little early I guess. Rest assured, mom insisted that wasn’t a good idea.

Growing up I was always quite protective of her. When our mom would get upset at her, I defended her. When she didn’t want to eat something, I would eat it. I was the one who came to her rescue from the countless times she would get in an argument with our parents. We’ve had our differences too. She sports a scar on her forehead from tripping on my legs right into the sharp edge of the fridge. Ouch. She still reminds me until this day about the incident.

Some things never change. I love spending time with her. She’s grown into a beautiful and intelligent women. I would consider her my other half. She’s got the guts to say things I would never say to anyone, she’s got skills in areas I completely lack, and she’s (thankfully) not gotten the procrastinator side of me. She is artistic and being only in grade 10, aims high for good marks. Pretty much a nerd in school. But hey, nothing wrong with that. You do you girl.

I wouldn’t trade the world for my sister. She will always be “little” to me no matter what age she gets. I will always have much love for her, even during those days where she makes me more upset than anyone. After all, I’m stuck with her for life. I hope nothing but the best for you in both the worlds. I pray for Jannahtul Firdous for you and that InshaAllah we meet there. Here’s to many more birthdays to come. Aameen.

To my lovely, annoying, beautiful “twin” sister. Life wouldn’t be the same without you.

This post is two days late, but better late than never right?

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