Just Another Day

Thursday November 19th –

Life is not always fine and dandy. You have the good days, and the not so good days. Both are inevitable.

For me today was one of those not so good days. You see, I am quite close to completing school. I have about a year left of my program. A year seems pretty far away but when you’re me, who has been in this for 2 and some years, it’s quite close. When I first started, it was both a part time and apprenticeship program. I have a whole booklet of skills that I must first complete before completing my third year of school. These skills must be completed to be qualified. Yeah, seems really complicated and frustrating. Trust me, it’s all I’ve been throughout my entire journey: confused and frustrated. But don’t get me wrong, I have loved every bit of experience, lessons, and the people I’ve met along the way.

I have ONE more skill that has yet to be completed. It seems to be taking longer than usual to sign off. I feel like it’s always this way. When you’re so close to completing something, it feels like an eternity until it’s finally done. It seems like the world wants you to wait just a wee bit longer since you have come all this way. I haven’t gotten much help when I needed it which is the main reason it has been delayed.

This sums up my life very well right now and on this Thursday morning I woke up with the intention that I was going to call back some of the places to see if they would be able to assist me.  Again, no help seemed to be coming my way. After weeks, if not months of this, I was finally fed up with no response. It was starting to take such a toll on me as I knew just how close I was to finishing. I am not able to move forward with my career or life. ONE skill holding me back from finishing school, completing my program,  and moving forward. So you can see just how frustrating it can be.

On this particular Thursday, I had work. I love going to work because it requires me to work with children, lets me be creative, and allows me to meet some interesting and unique individuals. Working with children is my passion, my forté, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Nonetheless, I left for work in a frustrating mood and quite frankly, I felt like tearing up and not attending work. I was stressed to the max.

I feel like you should never drive when you’re not thinking straight or angry. For some reason it never goes well. While driving, I ALMOST played bumper cars with a TRUCK. I wasn’t giving my full attention to the road and could have collided with a truck and hurt no one but myself. After that heart attack, I was more aware of my surroundings and the fact that I was driving. Lesson learned.

Finally at work, it started off with me realizing I had forgotten my lesson plan. As I left the house in a frustrated mood, I had totally forgotten my work for the day. While writing the new lesson plan, I had realized I made quite a few mistakes. My head was clearly not on straight. My body was physically in the moment, but my mind was somewhere else.

I can honestly say that this day offered many valuable lessons. You can’t have the good days without the bad ones. It’s life. This day may not seem so terrible to anyone else but it made me realize just how important being positive and having faith is. You get what you put out. So if you’re putting nothing but positive energy out in to the world, in return thats what you get and vice versa.

I believe my negative energy this day was the reason for the almost collision, forgetting my plans, and overall “crappy” day. I believe everything happens for a reason. Whatever hand you are dealt with, is up to you on how you deal with it.

Always be positive and have faith things will turn out the way it was supposed to. Take a deep breath and take life day by day. Live in the moment. Quit worrying about the things that are not in your control. Smile. It’ll do wonders for your life. I promise you. 🙂






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