Know Your Worth

I have previously mentioned that it takes me awhile to write sometimes due to the lack of “right words” for my posts. Some of these thoughts have been sitting in my notes for a few months now and I have finally gotten around to finishing it.

I came across a picture one day on “the women of Islam” and it’s quite incredible that sometimes, things show up out of nowhere because you were in need of it. Needless to say,  it was exactly what I needed to read that day. Here is what the picture had to say:

“If only you knew how special you are to Him. So much so, that He has demanded that you were protected in every way, Hijab being one of them. So much so, that He has placed Jannah (paradise) beneath your feet. So much so, that He sent His greatest creation, the Prophet (PBUH), to show men how to treat you. So much so, that life revolves around you; the future revolves around you. So much so, that the most Merciful has dedicated a whole chapter of His words to you [Surah An-Nisaa]. He has valued you; He has elevated your worth; He has beautified your existence” – Women of Islam, don’t cheapen your soul to a value any less.” If only we knew.

Islam and Allah (SWT) never fail to amaze me. His love for you is so much more than you could ever imagine. He has given you living proof of it: Surah An-Nisaa.

This in itself should be enough reassurance of your worth. I couldn’t help but reflect at how true these words rang through my heart. We as women forget the value we have in this world. There is so much importance and responsibility put on women that we overlook it day by day. We succumb to the things and people this world has to offer. We belittle ourselves and let the world and other people get the best of us. If only we knew.

You are your own worst critic. Instead of building yourself up, you continue to tear down every layer that you dislike about yourself until you are nothing but this raw piece of flesh. You are clothed in all the things that make you who you are. The imperfections and all. Your morals and values, your likes and dislikes, your beauty and your flaws, your mistakes and lessons; all of it is a reflection of you. It truly makes you unique. If only you knew.

You are more than this outer shell your soul resides in. You are more than the physical features that make you who you are. You are more than the trials you face. You are more than the wear and tear of life. You are more than the anxiety, depression and illness that you are labelled with. You are more than the words you describe yourself with. You are more than this world makes you. You are more than the societal standards. You are more. YOU. ARE. MORE.

Despite the religion you believe, or the lack of, you were created with purpose. Each and every individual you come across has a story to tell, some more difficult than others. When you know your worth, you have the ability to be the best person you can be. You are given the opportunity to help those who have it much more difficult than you. You are more confident in yourself that it doesn’t matter what others have to say, or what this world has to offer. It doesn’t deter you off the straight path.

Be that role model for your kids. Be that compassionate and understanding wife. Be that friend in need. Be the motivational and inspiring woman in society. Be that independent boss lady. Be whoever you are, as long as you are you.

Remember the qualities you have to offer and the ability you have to impact someone’s life. That’s all that matters.

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