Mi Familia ♥︎

We are half way into the month of Ramadan and I have been doing a lot of reflecting. Ramadan is perfect for pondering over the countless blessings in our life. Especially since it’s quite easy to forget those little blessings that we have or take for granted everyday. This being one of them. 

One of the greatest blessings in life that I have been bestowed with is the feeling of FAMILY. Let’s be honest here, they drive you absolutely crazy some days. But more often than not, I have realized how truly blessed I am. I wouldn’t be half the person I am today without them. They allow me to be the crazy, loud, annoying person that I can be. Or the quiet, loving, compassionate person. Either way, they accept you for who you are and when no one else is around, they always will be. 

Growing up, I was taught that Family is the most important thing you can ever have. I mean, without them who are we? What do we truly have? What do we need that could equal to the love they give us? The importance and value of kinship that was taught to me at a young age is more because of the Faith I believe in but I couldn’t be more accepting of this belief. For that, I will continue on the tradition. Thanks Mom and Dad! 

I also must say, I am super spoiled. Spoiled with being so closely knit with my family and doing everything together. Having that harmony amongst us. There’s not a lot of people out there who could say the same. For that, I couldn’t be more thankful. Alhumdulillah. 

To me, my family consists of not only my parents, siblings, and grandparents. It includes my cousins and uncles/aunts as well from both sides of the family (I am much more closer to my dads side of the family than my mothers).

For as long as I could remember, I have done everything with my family. Partially the reason being is because we all live in the same town. So it makes it 10x easier to coordinate events together. Ever since I was younger, I have been going to Wonderland (an amusement park here in Toronto). My love of thrill literally runs through my veins from a wee little baby to now an adult. But that tradition – until this day –  is the reason why we continue to plan and attend family events together.

I have very many fond memories of the whole family and I during the summer with the numerous BBQ’s, little day trips to Toronto, and our dinner’s out together! I can honestly say that my memories are nothing but of pure happiness. Because that feeling is far greater than any materialistic thing you could ever have in this world. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that it’s not a great blessing to have.

Quite often, you will meet many people in this world that don’t have the same mindset as you on this topic – and that’s okay. That’s what makes us so unique. There are many individuals in my life who have not had the greatest experience with their family, therefore, their view and perspective on family is much different than mine. There’s no harmony and no love. But that’s what life entails sometimes because it’s not perfect. It’s understandable. But that doesn’t mean all hope is lost for you. Or that you can’t achieve to have such a thing.

Remember, family is not always the people related to you by blood. It’s also the people that you CHOOSE to have in your life and the ones that are of significant importance to you. Make sure you cherish them. 

In a world full of change, one thing is always constant; your family. So I continue to pray to God that He keeps the harmony amongst my family and to all of yours. May he keep that secure bond and bless you all. Aameen.

Family. Over. Everything ♥︎

What does family mean to you?

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