Eid Festivities!

Eid Mubarak, my fellow Muslims!

The beautiful and blessed month of Ramadan has come to an end and Eid-ul-Fitr has fallen upon us. The celebration that commences after an entire month of fasting from sunrise to sunset.  The only celebration/holiday that Muslims widely across the globe celebrate. So you can say that I am beyond excited! Beyond excited to spend time with family and continue the tradition of money giving (yeah, we get Dolla bills on Eid!) and the getting together for a huge feast with all of my family. I mean, it doesn’t get any better than that! This has to be my favourite time of the year. For many reasons.

The night before Eid holds many sacred blessings as it’s a night where Allah sends down all his blessings and showers His mercy on His disciples. He stresses about this night as it holds great rewards for those seeking it. Although Ramadan and it’s importance are over, Eid is just as important – if not more – to seek out those rewards. To seek out His mercy and ask for forgiveness as all prayers are accepted.

The morning of this beautiful day is where it all begins. The birds are chirping bright and early and the crisp morning air fills your lungs as you take a deep breath…and say Alhumdulillah. If anyone has woken up during this time – when the rest of the world is sleeping and the sun has not quite risen yet – you know just how serene it feels. Your mind and thoughts are just as calm as the air. You are one with your surroundings and you realize the simplicity of life.

As the sun finally rises and Fajr prayer comes to an end, many of us decide to sleep until a decent time later. 9am rolls around and it’s time to look presentable to the uncles that come visit first thing in the morning. We share hugs and sweet delicacies. But as soon as they’re gone, we usually feast on mother’s biryani. Mmmmm so good! Eid usually entails a lot of food and the precious time you spend with your loved ones.

The last few Eid’s have been a blessing due to one of my cousins who is exceptional at absolutely everything; makeup being one of them. She has enhanced our natural beauty with makeup during every special occasion and has made us look beautiful every time, MashaAllah. She has gotten better and better each time and I look forward to getting all dolled up like this a few times a year! I mean, what girl doesn’t right?! Highlight is truly on fleek as they say! Thanks girl for making us look so good!

Now that we are we are all ready and looking mighty fine, it is time to visit each and every relative in town! All the aunties usually eyeball us and ask where our outfits are from. Such  a pro now ignoring the glares and staring eyes! Aside from that, I fill my tummy with sweet goodies, mostly cookies that taste oh so delicious! Once the going around town, visiting family is over, let the actual celebration begin!

Every year we have a tradition of having a massive feast at one of our family households. Sometimes it’s a potluck type of style, and other times, the only thing required is yourself at the Eid dawaat (party). Either way, this is one of my favourite parts of the day. The entire house is filled with little ones running around, the older parents talking and sharing stories, and the older kids taking selfies! There is so much love and unity in one household that it makes my heart completely full. Family members that I don’t see on a daily basis are all present and having a grand ol’ time until 2 in the morning. I wouldn’t change a thing about this day. I am truly appreciative of this time and the blessing of having a big loving family in my life.

For me, Eid is so much more than just a day. It’s so much more than the name. It’s so much more than being able to eat again. It’s so much more than receiving money or getting all dressed up. It’s the spiritual feeling that comes with it. It’s the feeling of peace, contentment and joy that you get after an entire month of sacrificing the basic necessity of food, putting yourself in the place of those who are less fortunate than you, and worshipping and devoting your time to the One that created you. To me, there is no better feeling than this. To know that you are loved and showered with the utmost mercy that He has to offer. I only hope that my efforts as well as yours are accepted. Aameen.

“May your Eid makeup be on fleek, your Eid selfies bang, and your Eid outfit be on point!” Aameen.


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