25 Random Facts about Me!

Hello, friends!

Its been quite some time since my last post! To be completely honest with you, I haven’t had any creative ideas or inspiration to write about. After watching one of my favourite tags on youtube – 25 to 50 random facts about me – I decided to do it myself too! It’s a great get to know you game as well!

So, here are 25 random facts about me:

  1. My name means “Victorious. The one who thrives and succeeds against all the odds. The one who has sweet and gentle mannerisms.” Those who know me, know that this is pretty accurate once you know my personality!
  2. I’m super short and make a pretty darn good arm rest! #funsize #shortgirlproblems
  3. I’m a heels type of girl but I love me some flat footwear once in awhile to embrace my shortness!
  4. If I could wear one type of clothing for the rest of my life, it would be DRESSES! I love dresses and feeling like a princess! 🙂
  5. Those who know me, know that I absolutely ADORE and LOVE cats! Call me a crazy cat lady all you want, but I WILL adopt a cat one day. InshaAllah!
  6. Out of my entire family, my sister and I are the only ones with coloured eyes, mine being green and hers being Hazel. I believe we inherited that from my dads side of the family with my grandpa having grey eyes! Alhumdulillah.
  7. I’m Canadian! So where are all my Canadian peeps at?! Haha! With that being said, I’m not a typical Canadian who goes to Tim Horton’s often (Tim’s for short). Doesn’t make me less of a Canadian though! Oh, nor do I live in igloos and use dog sleds as my mode of transportation!
  8. I actually enjoy going to Starbucks. My favourite thing to order at Starbies is some sort of Green Tea Lemonade. Currently loving the Peach Green Tea Lemonade!
  9. On the topic of Peaches, my favourite candy is Fuzzy Peaches! Fuzzy Peaches are a gummy candy that have the same texture as Sour Patch kids! These ones just happen to taste like Peaches! So yummy! This is what they look like:                                                                        520721
  10. I ONLY drink water. No juice, no milk, no pop, and no coffee for me! H2O for the win!
  11. I don’t know how to swim. Yeah, kinda crazy eh? I need to get on that, ASAP!
  12. I’m obsessed with the game Cooking Dash on my phone! It’s seriously addicting!
  13. I have a slight obsession with candles. I have recently stopped purchasing them and avoiding Bath and Bodyworks. But oh man, the moment I pass that store, I’m tempted to go in and buy all the new candles!
  14. I’m most productive at night! Night owl as I like to call it. When I was in school, I would always complete all my school work late at night. I was much more focused during that time rather than during the day. It also explains why I always write and post my blog posts late at night!
  15. The very first Narnia book in the series was my favourite childhood book (The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe)! I secretly wished I had a magic wardrobe where I could push aside my clothes and enter Narnia. Aslan was super cool!
  16. I love watching Disney princess movies and Disney movies in general! Aside from that, comedy movies mixed with action are my favourite!
  17. I want to go skydiving one day! One of my girls and I have vowed to jump off a plane together!
  18. I love to make DIY crafts as a hobby whenever I have time! Some of the things I have made are candle holders, a memory jar, earring displayer, various jewelry pieces, an inspiration board, and more.
  19. As scared as I am, I can’t wait to be a wife and a mother one day! How cute is it to have mini you’s running around the house?
  20. Speaking of being a mother, I want to have three little kiddos 🙂
  21. One of my kidneys is smaller than the other one. I had no clue until I was sick in middle school and the hospital was my home for a month.
  22. My favourite junk food is not candy or chocolate, but rather chips! Why are potatoes so good?! Also, Ketchup chips are the bomb dot com! You Americans are seriously missing out!
  23. My passion and forté is working with children, especially ones with special needs! Kids make me laugh and melt my heart with the crazy things they say!
  24. I was a 7lb baby, the biggest baby my mother had. Sorry mom for being so BIG!
  25. Crazy fact but my grandma (my mother’s mom) has three kids. My mother herself has three kids (my siblings and I) with the order being girl-boy-girl, in both families! How crazy is that!? I hope the pattern continues for me!

Alright folks, that’s it for now! I thought 25 facts was a good place to start!

I hope all of you are having a great summer and enjoying the rest of it before school starts, if it hasn’t already! I would love recommendations on topics for inspiration as I seem to have run out of ideas! Please let me know 🙂


your favourite crazy cat lady ♥


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