Mi Familia ♥︎

We are half way into the month of Ramadan and I have been doing a lot of reflecting. Ramadan is perfect for pondering over the countless blessings in our life. Especially since it’s quite easy to forget those little blessings that we have or take for granted everyday. This being one of them.  One of the greatest blessings in life that I have been bestowed … Continue reading Mi Familia ♥︎


I’m lacking inspiration. Inspiration to create, to write, to grow, to succeed. I’ve lost the spark in my eye, the smile that warms the hearts of many, the voice that inspires, the ears that listen intently, the mindset to do, and the heart to pursue. You ever have those days or periods of time where that motivation is at an all time low and you … Continue reading #Struggles 

Know Your Worth

I have previously mentioned that it takes me awhile to write sometimes due to the lack of “right words” for my posts. Some of these thoughts have been sitting in my notes for a few months now and I have finally gotten around to finishing it. I came across a picture one day on “the women of Islam” and it’s quite incredible that sometimes, things show … Continue reading Know Your Worth

Til’ death do us apart…

You are married to this dunya (life). “Until death do us apart”…these vows that you have said to him remain forever ingrained until the day comes. He has promised you many opportunities, happiness, heartbreak, success, gifts, jobs, you name it. So how could you not be attached to something like this? Especially when he promises you the world. We are so caught up in life. We … Continue reading Til’ death do us apart…